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Parish News     Editor: Geoff Russell Grant

Parish News is a monthly newsletter for the parishes of Birch, Layer Breton and Layer Marney. In addition to coverage of Church services and events, it contains news of many other activities and events in the local community, together with articles of general interest.

Circulation: Every month (except January) over 600 copies are printed. These are distributed free of charge to every household in our three villages. If you live outside the normal delivery area, Parish News can be posted to you at a modest charge of £6 a year to cover the cost of stamps and envelopes.

Contributing News Items and Articles: News items about local people and events, or articles of local interest, are most welcome. If you have a news item or article to contribute please email the editor or telephone him on 01206-330235. The deadline for submitting items for publication is the 7th day of the month of issue, e.g. 7th February for publication in the mid-February issue, which is normally distributed around 20th-25th February. The deadline is when the material has to be with the editor, not the time at which you phone to ask how late you can be!

Advertising: For local businesses, advertising in Parish News is an excellent and cost effective way of reaching every house in our three villages, every month (except January). To discuss placing an advertisement please email the editor or telephone him on 01206-330235.

Financing: It has always been our policy that Parish News should go to every house in the villages it serves and we therefore make no charge for it. The editor and distributors receive no payment but, obviously, the costs of paper and printing have to be met. This is done through contributions from the Parochial Church Council, Birch Parish Council and advertisers. Additional donations from individuals are much appreciated.

Queries: For more information about Parish News either email the editor or telephone him on 01206-330235.

Page updated: 12 FEB 2014