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Response to the 'Centenary Chronicles' published quarterly in Parish News revealed a widespread interest in the local history of our villages. As a result a small group set ourselves the task of developing these pages for anyone interested in the history of Birch, Layer Breton and Layer Marney.

If you are seeking information about a local personality or event we will help where we can. However we do ask you to bear in mind that the small team providing these pages are unpaid volunteers with many other commitments. We do not have the resources to undertake detailed research for you. Our aim is to point you in the direction of available information and resources so that you can do your own research.

We hope you find the pages interesting and enjoyable. They will become even more so if you have further information to contribute about the people and events which have shaped the villages as they are today.

Geoff Russell Grant, Editor

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Centenary Chronicles

The 'Centenary Chronicles' is a series of local history articles written mostly by Eric Hall of Layer Breton with contributions from others living in our villages. Packed with a wealth of fascinating detail, the first appeared in the November 1995 issue of Parish News. There are 67 'Chronicles' and the text of each is available to view on this website.

Parish News is the monthly newsletter, published on behalf of our Parochial Church Councils, and delivered free to every home in Birch, Layer Breton and Layer Marney.

The Centenary Chronicles index page has an introduction to the Chronicles and links to each article.

Local History Resources

Books and Documents - a list of local history books and papers.

Download Page - some out of print local history booklets available for downloading onto your own computer.

Family History Resources - information on local, county, national, and Internet sources and resources for researching your family history, including notes on family tree software.

Other Local History Articles

A miscellany of local history articles and notes:

'Millennium Map' Text - reproduces the text printed on the back of the local 'Millennium Map' prepared and published to celebrate the new millennium. On this page you can view the text and/or download it as a text file. For a description of the map go to the 'Millennium Map' page.

The Churches of Birch and Layer Breton - the full text of the late Tom Millatt's history of the Churches - old and new - of Birch and Layer Breton. The author was sometime Headmaster of Birch School and his booklet has been out of print for many years. To make it accessible to a wider audience it is being made available here for the purposes of private study and research.

The Fallen in Two World Wars - the names of parishioners commemorated on the village war memorials of Birch and Layer Breton, Layer Marney, and Layer de la Haye are to be found on this page. Also an article published in the parish magazine of January 1919 giving details about the number of parishioners who served in the Great War, the names of casualities, and those who received military honours.

Birch Airfield - the story of the airfield built here at the end of the Second World War.

The Local History Web Pages Team

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Consultant Historian and Researcher: Eric Hall

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